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Community Hot Topics from February 2017

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Community Hot Topics


Each month, we’ll highlight the most popular content in the Community - from forum discussions to blog posts - which matter most to our customers.


Here is what was hot in the Community from February 2017:


Top 5 Discussions

  1. What does PayPal payment ERROR 12: DECLINED: 15005-THIS TRANSACTION CANNOT BE PROCESSED mean?
  2. Error when connecting to Soap Client in .NET 4.0
  3. How to update the Stuck Payment that is on Processing status?
  4. [KNOWN ISSUE] Reporting error "FLOW.HOME" | translate
  5. How do I resolve "INVALID_FIELD:Foreign key external ID" error with Zuora 360 Sync?


Top 5 Ideas

  1. Require Audit Trail
  2. Customer Statements
  3. CORS Support for Direct Post
  4. Support new REST API in Production Copy (Services) Environments
  5. Level 3 Processing for Cybersource


Top 5 Blog Posts

  1. First Zuora Hoodie Day of 2017!
  2. [Action Required] Zuora is Disabling TLS 1.0
  4. The Product is the Demo (We Fake the Customer)
  5. Simple Deployments Means Faster Deployments


Top 5 User Groups

  1. Multi-entity LA
  2. Reporting User Group
  3. Zuora University
  4. Zuora Partners
  5. New York User Group


Top 5 Searches

  1. avalara
  2. tax
  3. disable send to z-billing
  4. amendments
  5. credit loans