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Re: Customer Statements

Customer Statements

Zuora really needs customer account statements. These should be able to be pulled at any time without running an invoice. It would combine charges, payment, and balance information in one place. Customers often request at least a year's history. The workaround to use a custom invoice is clunky and doesn't really cut it. Every other accounting system that I have used has this capability.  


I would hope that by inclusion in 2017 roadmap, you mean a release within the first quarter.... This is such a standard requirement for most companies, and we are also experiencing a lot of pain not being able to generate this for customers. Our AR team is definitely shocked that this functionality doesn't already exists and they know requests for statements will ramp up in January for tax season, so getting this implemented before or by then would really be ideal. 


If anyone has a good workaround for this, please share. We've been told by support that we can do a data export, but we can't save that as a canned report, and we've had an issue with trying to pull via reporting, because if a payment attempt has never been made, those accounts do not get pulled into the report.


Is there any update on this being released?

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This is also a big ask from our team as well, I think we are going to have to explore other options with our accounting software but would really prefer to keep this within Zuora. 

Zuora Product Team
Zuora Product Team

We are starting the design for this and hopefully we will have an update soon.

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Please create a statement feature!

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Status changed to: Under Consideration

We are in the early stages of the design process for statements. We'll let you know how this is proceeding. Thanks.


I would love to hear an update on this feature. It is highly required and the lack of availability of this feature now puts a huge strain on our AR team, as they have to field a lot of invoice questions. We need the ability to have invoices be a month by month consistent bill for our customers, but at the same time be able to generate a satement of their account activity when there is questions or when a customer is past due and needs to understand why, where their credit balances have been applied, etc. 


This feature is huge to us, and I'd like to know where it fits on the roadmap for 2017.

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With the other projects already committed and in progress, this is looking like a project for the second half of 2017. I'll update if this outlook changes. Thanks. 


From nharlow on May 27th: This is a top candidate for inclusion in our 2017 roadmap. I expect to be able to provide more concrete guidance as to status in the next couple of months. I understand that there is a lot of interest in this capability and frustration that we do not fully support it today.


Apparently not such a top candidate despite so many Zuroa customers asking for it. This has been something I've seen talked about for years without movement. 



Second half of 2017?  This is such a massive let down.  Our clients are screaming out for this!