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"ViewBy Subscription" filter is displaying duplicate line items

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"ViewBy Subscription" filter is displaying duplicate line items


We are using "ViewBy Subscription" filter in the template and ran a preview. It looks like the subscription number and serial numbers repeat. I don’t know where the word “test” comes from…So these subscription numbers should correlate to what’s on the invoice. I would like if we could have one row with the subscription number and a corresponding serial number. Does that make sense? I don’t know how to remove the duplicates.


Template setup:






As per our Knowledge center article - Configuring Subscription Totals, "Note that the table filter parameter is enclosed in quotation marks. When a parameter contains a space, you must enclose the parameter in quotation marks, otherwise, it will not be processed correctly."


In the Customer's template, TableFilter did not contain the right quotation marks and thus it caused the duplicate issue:




Once the template is updated correctly, the PDF is rendered with single rows for each Subscription and its related custom field value.







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