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"TaxSummary.AmountWithoutTax" is showing a different value than UI

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"TaxSummary.AmountWithoutTax" is showing a different value than UI



We are facing unusual data update on the invoice pdf file in our environment.

I checked the invoice word, the value for the field “Amount without tax” is coming as $76136 but the correct value is $39318(PFA screenshot).

I also tried to pull the data from data source, the value is coming as expected in the result but not sure from where that incorrect value is coming from.


Could you please provide your support on this issue asap, since we are holding 2 invoices with same issues.








Solution/Root Cause:

Customer is using One Source Tax Connector.



  • Exported the data from Taxation Table, we could see three line items
  • One for  "CUSTOM is "2,500.00" and there are 2 line "SAR" = "36,818.00" and "SAR" = "36,818.00"




  • One Source is generating multiple 0 tax items for the charge "SAR"​ and this is also visible in UI itself


  • This gives the calculation behind 76136 = 2500 + 36818 + 36818 
  • Further when tested with "TaxItem" table in the template and it shows the split of Tax Table


This is an expected behavior.

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