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Re: non created payment


non created payment




Environment : Production



We had an issue with the scheduled payment run PR-00000170 that was executed on 25 April 2017. This payment run had as a “Selection Criteria = Customers in: Batch28 (Prélèvement le 28 du mois)”.

One of our clients billing accounts A00000443 verified the selection criteria but there was no payment created for it :

  • The billing account had a Billing Batch=Batch28
  • The invoice INV00001641 was unpaid and due and posted since 18 April 2017


We don’t understand why the payment run didn’t create a payment for this invoice (the payment run did create some payments for other accounts that verified the selection criteria).


Is it possible for you to explain that or find the trace in the system logs? how can I communicate the tenant to you so that you can check?




Zuora Staff

Re: non created payment



There can be many reasons why the Payment Run did not create payments. Here is a helpful article you can use as a reference to trouleshoot why payment run didn't gnenerate payments: https://knowledgecenter.zuora.com/CB_Billing/K_Payment_Operations/CA_Payment_Runs/Troubleshooting_Pa...


Please let me know if this is helpful. Thank you. 

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