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Re: Invoice Question


Why only the most recent legal document for an account can be unposted?

I have a question about why only the most recent legal document for an account can be unposted.
Besides I've read that validation of the most recent Invoice is actually performed at Charge level instead of checking Invoice number. The most recent Invoice should be understood as the Invoice with Charges that were most recently billed. What does charge level mean in this case?
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Re: Invoice Question

Hi Carlo,


This is expected behavior that is explained in our KC Article. This error typically means there is some other object related to this Invoice that is preventing from unposting it. This could be any object such as a Payment, Invoice Adjustments, Credit/Debit Memos that have been associated with this invoice. Since the invoice is the source of those objects and removing them without removing any object associated with it would be hard to trace back the source in the future. 




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