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Usage Charges - Per Unit Pricing Question

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Usage Charges - Per Unit Pricing Question



I would like to know if it is possible to do the following:


  • A product is set up with one rate plan "Booking" with one charge model: Usage, Price Per Unit
  • List Price: .08, UOM: Dollars
  • An Evergreen subscription is created with this rate plan
  • When uploading the usage data via the Zuora UI (via Billing Operations), is there a way to override the List Price for a specific usage charge?
    i.e. I am uploading 3 usage data, and one usage data needs to be modified with a List Price: .05


Thanks in Advance!


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Re: Usage Charges - Per Unit Pricing Question

Hi @khong-xogrp


It is not possible to override the unit price when uploading Usage records.


One way to handle this would be to add more than one Usage charges to your Subscription, with different list prices. Then, when you're uploading usage, you can distribute them on charge level, depending on which unit price you need in that specific case.

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Re: Usage Charges - Per Unit Pricing Question

@khong-xogrp The way we currently handle variable usage charges is to use the usage quantity as dollars themselves. We then have a custom field for the units used and unit price for merging onto invoices.


Example: 1000 widgets at 0.5 each and 2000 widgets at 0.8 each

Usage Record 1: Units__c = 1000, UnitPrice__c = 0.5, QTY = 500.00

Usage Record 2: Units__c = 2000, UnitPrice__c = 0.8, QTY = 1600.00


The customer would be billed for $2100 based. In this case as well the UOM is dollars since we are directly importing currency.

This essentially allows an external system to decide the exact rating for each usage that is imported. This is handy if you have lots of potentially different usage prices.