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Unable to unapply credit memo from invoice

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Unable to unapply credit memo from invoice



I'm trying to unapply the credit memo from the Invoice, when I try to unapply, I am getting an error message.
"Reversed Invoices do not support settlement operations (apply and unapply)




Please note that Reverse Invoice is a single atomic operation that does the following:

  1. A credit memo is automatically generated and applied to the incorrect invoice to reduce the invoice balance to zero.
  2. The charge through date in the Zuora rating engine is reset back to the start of the billing period.
  3. The incorrect invoice is flagged as Reversed. 

After reversing invoices, the invoices are still in Posted status. Once you have reversed an invoice, you will no longer be able to cancel or change the reversed invoice and the generated credit memo. In the Zuora UI, the Reversed field in the Basic Information panel of an invoice detail page shows whether this invoice is reversed. More information on this topic can be found in the Knowledge Center article below: 


Unfortunately, as per the current product design, it is not possible to undo the reversal of an invoice.  

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