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Unable to Cancel credit balance adjustment

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Unable to Cancel credit balance adjustment


When we are trying to cancel the credit balance adjustments, getting the below error-
[INVALID_VALUE] The available Credit Balance is insufficient to cancel this transaction.



Background of the issue:
A customer account has a negative invoice(-200) and it has been transferred to the credit balance, during this process a credit balance adjustment(CBA00000001) was created.
And again a new credit balance adjustment(CBA00000002) was created when that credit balance(200) was applied to another invoice. Hence there are two CBA transactions for this account.
When the user is trying to delete the previous credit balance adjustment(CBA00000001), they get the above error.


In order to cancel the previous credit balance adjustment, the possible solution will be deleting the recent credit balance adjustment(CBA00000002), which is created when applying the credit balance to the invoice and then canceling the previous credit balance adjustment(CBA00000001) which is created to transfer the amount in the negative invoice to the credit balance.

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