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Reversing Invoice Item Adjustment in Dev Tools

I ran an IIA for 499 items using the generic API loader.   I wanted to do it as of 4/30/2019.  In creating the csv file, I typed in 4/30/2019 in the adjustmentDate column and clicked the lower right hand of the cell to fill down the date.  I did not notice that instead of copying the date of 4/30/2019 down, it filled in the adjustment date by advancing the date by one day.  So line 3 was 5/1/2019, line 4 was 5.2.2019 and so on up to 9/21/2020.  Is there a way to cancel the IIA in mass via dev tools so I can rerun with the correct date? 


Re: Reversing Invoice Item Adjustment in Dev Tools

Have you resolved this issue yet?  The Adjustment Date can't be updated once it the IIA has been created via the UI or Developer Tools.  You could mass delete those records and recreate them with the correct date.


Maybe submitting a ticket to Zuora Support, they would do some edits that aren't available with the developer tools.

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Re: Reversing Invoice Item Adjustment in Dev Tools

WPNeal, would you be able to send what fields you used to create IIAs through the generic API loader?