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Proper way to add Usage

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Proper way to add Usage



We are looking to add Usage via the REST API as a customer uses our product. Does reporting work properly if the start and end date of Usage is the same? Or should we be tallying up the usage for the month or billing period and then post the Usage to Zuora?




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Re: Proper way to add Usage

Hi Himanshu,


Adding usage day-wise should not be a problem in Reports. I carried out testing locally and the Data Source report was able to pull the particular record successfully. I am attaching the screenshot from my testing for your reference.


Data Source Export result:

Usage: Account Number Usage: End Date Usage: ID Usage: Quantity Usage: Start Date Usage: Submission Date Usage: Unit of Measure
A00000001 3/1/2020 2c92c09a76db94dd0176dd2dca9XXXXX 10 3/1/2020 1/7/2021 ZELO UOM


Screenshot 2021-01-07 194458.jpg

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Screenshot 2021-01-07 194458.jpg