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Payment Installments for a Price Per User Subscription


Payment Installments for a Price Per User Subscription

We sell subscription services using per user pricing for various terms lengths, typically annual or multi-year subscriptions. A major challenge that we face as we build out or Zuora<>SFDC CPQ integration is that a large portion of our sales contracts include payment installments AND we allow organic growth that can exceed the contracted user count.
(i.e. An annual subscription for 100 users @$120 per user - with 2 payments of $6,000 due in Month 1 and in month 6 --sometimes these amounts are not equal)

What is the best way for us to structure these deals in Zuora/SFDC? The issue we face is that the subscription may change during the year. Say that the account above organically adds an additional 100 users in month 5. How do you recommend we handle situations like this? We want customers to sign long term contracts based on a per user rate, offer payment installments, and allow organic growth; all while avoiding manual subscription management throughout the process. This has to be an issue faced by other large subscription services orgs that rely heavily on sales contracts and per user pricing, right?


Any assistance will be a lifesaver!