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Re: Maximum Limit on number of lines on an Invoice

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Maximum Limit on number of lines on an Invoice

Hello Support,


We have a unique use case where in we have a single partner account set up in Zuora, that sells subscriptions to its end customers

The end customers have been added in Zuora as Child Customer Accounts of the Main Partner account.


All subscriptions of the child accounts have the invoice owner set to the main partner account.

And we have set the Invoice Separately Flag on these subscriptions to False.


My Question: If over the period of 6 months we add around 2000 child customer subscriptions, and do a bill run, we are going to see atleast 2000 lines on the Invoice generated in Zuora.

I would like to know what is the maximum limit on the Invoice template in terms of the number of lines that it can handle?


I know the system hangs when we hit the View Pdf button for the invoice when there are large number of line items on the invoice.





Re: Maximum Limit on number of lines on an Invoice

Hi @Bharath!


Direct answers are listed on the following links:


> When generating an invoice PDF, if the maximum number is exceeded, an error message is generated.
This is consistent with Zuora hanging when you hit the View Pdf button.


Considering your use case, the number of Subscription lines (not the number of InvoiceItem lines) may be the cause of hanging.