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Invoiceing usage without 0 lines




Is there a way to avoid all zero lines when invoicing usage? 
Ex if we have a usage product with monthly invoicing with several charges on, how do we avoid to get zero lines on the invoice/bill run on the charge the customers don't use?    
                  Periode                   Quantity               Price          Sum
charge1    1.1.18-31.1.18           3                         2                 6
charge 2   1.1.18-31.1.18            0                        3                 0
charge 3   1.1.18-31.1.18            0                        1                 0
 And if the customer doesn't have usage for a month (or more) how do we avoid to send the customer a 0 invoice.
Because if we don't invoice the customer for ex 3 months, and then after this invoice them for 1 or more of the usage charges we are getting 0 lines back for the time we haven't invoice them. 
Ex we invocie the customer for period 01.05.18-31.05.18, if he hasn't invoice them for this earlier we are getting zero lines for 01.03.18-31.03.18 and 01.04.18-30.04.18 (if we added the usage product on the 01.03.18)
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Re: Invoiceing usage without 0 lines

nobody has any idea?


Re: Invoiceing usage without 0 lines

@peterscheen out-of-the-box Zuora computes a charge line item for usage even if there is no usage reported (even if the total figure comes out to $0).


There are a few options here: If you are not reporting any usage during a period then there is a Zuora admin setting called 'Do not process usage charges without usage records'. This has to be enabled by Zuora support with the PM's approval, so you could open a case and discuss your use case to see if this might help you.


The other option if you simply want to hide these charges from the user's invoice PDF, would be to hide the rows that are $0 for usage. We do something similar for our quotes but the concept can be applied to Invoices as well. I wrote a guide on how we did conditional rows for Quotes that you could look at for reference, and I am happy to answer any questions you have on it:





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Re: Invoiceing usage without 0 lines


thx for the heøp @feisley