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How to handle subscription billing for customer that transfers licenses between customer locations

Have a customer that sells licenses to their customers.  A license consist of a One Time charge per license and a recurring maintenance charge per license.  Licenses are sold on a per location basis to customers.  Problem we have is that on a regular basis, their customers need to transfer licenses between locations.  This results in a decrease of licenses in one location and increase in another.  This customer receives a prepayment of the fees at the time of purchase of the license and doesn't want to trigger a bill for their customer mid-term due to transfer of licenses. 


Since we have one-time charges, we cannot just do an amendment to update the product quantity.  Seems the only solution would be to remove the product from each location completely, then add the product back into each location with the correct quantity, but at a zero dollar value to prevent billng mid-term for the one-time charge. 


For the recurring maintenance charge customer could do an update amendment for each location changing quantity, but, if they put in the correct pricing, it would trigger a bill.  If they enter a zero dollar charge for the maintenance that could prevent the billing.  Renewal would mean that the customer would need to manually correct the quantity and pricing to bill properly.  Customer sees this as a great deal of work and they must keep track of transfers.


Any thoughts on how this could be done in a more efficient way?


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