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How to Display Negative Sign "-" Instead of Parenthesis "()" in an Invoice



In an invoice PDF/template preview, is there a way to display the negative amounts with the minus/negative "-" sign instead of enclosing them in parenthesis? If so, can you please teach me how? 


2019-05-27 11-43-42-preview (9).pdf - Vivaldi.png

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Re: How to Display Negative Sign "-" Instead of Parenthesis "()" in an Invoice



The merge field function in an invoice template is essentially controlled by Microsoft Mail Merge feature, and creating or modifying invoice templates based on customer mockups/requirements is out of Zuora Support scope according to this article. Therefore, we are providing suggestions based on online research as a courtesy. 



1. Toggle the field code and result:

  • Press Shift + F9 on Windows.
  • Press option + fn + F9 on Mac.

2. Add the following into the merge field. 


\# "$,0.00;-$,0.00"


E.g. Before modification:


2019-05-27 13-55-24-Invoice_Working_Template_Copy (1)  -  Compatibility Mode.png






After modification:

2019-05-27 13-56-08-Invoice_Working_Template_Copy (2)  -  Compatibility Mode.png










3. Save the template, upload to Billing Settings > Manage Billing Document Configuration.

4. Preview the template/generate an invoice PDF file.

5. Observe the result. 


E.g. Before modification:


2019-05-27 13-59-07-preview (9).pdf - Vivaldi.png





After modification:


2019-05-27 13-59-21-preview (11).pdf - Vivaldi.png





For more features or functionalities regarding Mailmerge Number & Currency Formatting, you may refer to this MS TechNet discussion or contact Microsoft support.