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Conditional logic for "Proration" word in Invoice template




About the Conditional Logic for templates
(https://knowledgecenter.zuora.com/Billing/Billing_and_Payments/IA_Invoices/Creating_a_Custom_Invoice...) we want to know if is possible to compare with some part of the string.

String: "Licenses - Proration Credit"

String: "Licenses -- Proration Credit"
Condition: check if the string contains the word "Proration"

From the documentation, it is possible to compare full strings with the operator "=". We want to know if is possible to validate if some word exists in it.



There is no direct way to address this scenario. We need to use 2 seperate IF conditions to check for the "Proration" word and display the records accordingly.


The word proration appears only in 2 cases, either it will appear as "Charge Name -- Proration" and "Charge Name -- Proration Credit".


Format to used in the invoice template:



Example testing:


Invoice detail:



I have attached the template for referrence. 

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