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Avalara Error - TaxationFailedException: Tax calculation cannot be determined.


We are getting an Avalara error around the postal code, however, the address matches perfect. Any ideas?
Error: TaxationFailedException: The Zuora GetTax call to Avalara returned the following error(s): Tax calculation cannot be determined. Zip is not valid for the state.(Address (AddressLocationType: ShipTo)) Invalid ZIP/Postal Code.(The ZIP/Postal Code does not exist and could not be determined by the city/municipality and state/province.)



The invoice is a credit back for the previous invoice, which has been a success in Avalara. For the credit back invoice, the sold to contact information would use the one from the previous invoice and not from the current contact information. As this error message comes from Avalara, we would recommend to reach out to Avalara's support on further action.