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Re: automatically invoice subscriptions separately

automatically invoice subscriptions separately

There should be a way to have a default setting in Zuora that would, by default, automatically invoice subscriptions separately.


This can be done for subscriptions added via Quoting in Salesforce by setting the "zqu__InvoiceSeparately__c" field to "true". We do this using the Default Values plugin as such:


record.put('zqu__InvoiceSeparately__c', true);


I still agree that this would be great to have in the core platform as a configurable default so that even subscriptions manually created from the Zuora UI could adhere to the default.

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On the Subscription landing page there is a setting to invoice subscriptions separatley 

Configuired our system to defualt to No but can manual change to yes when there's a needed

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@leemariemcmahon I think the issue here is that everyone's subscriptions "Invoice Separately" default to "No" out of the box within Zuora. The ask here is to allow a tenant setting to default that to "Yes" so that any new subscriptions are set that way without having to remember to change the value by hand.

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Status changed to: Unlikely



We are currently in the design phase on a project to make subscriber and billing profiles more flexible. As part of this effort, we may enable default behaviors like "invoice subscriptions separately". Because this is a more holisitic project, we are unlikely to add a tenant-level property for this. I'll keep this use case in mind as we gather requirements for this larger project. Thanks. 

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@nharlow Was the decision made on if broader controls for Invoice Subscription Separately are going to be included? While we do not specifically want Tenant-Level control for this, Account-Level is something that we would be very interested in. This is because while most of our accounts invoice in aggregate across all Subscriptions, we have specific accounts where we need to invoice each Subscription by itself. While the current way to do this is manually for each subscription and this is an easy flag, it is also easy to forget. Especially when there are dozens of subscriptions on a given account added over time, it becomes very cumbersome to manage which Subscriptions have this option enabled.

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@bsanders, We are currently planning to include a flag for this in the BillingProfile object. This will enable you to configure separate invoicing per subscription at the account level. Thanks for the input. 

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We currently have a problem where one Customer C1 has multiple subscriptions S1... to S30. Bill Run generated an invoice with more than 1000 lines which cause the third-party tax engine to fail.


You do provide 'Invoice the Subscription separately' flag but this does not combine multiple subscriptions together.


Often times we need different Product groups to be billed separately. I suggest creation of a 'Subscription Group' functionality.


S1 to S10  ---- SG1

S11 to S20  ---- SG2

S21 to S30 --- SG3


This would result in three invoices being generated in a Bill Run - one for each SG (Subscription Group).



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@vgopal1207 based on @nharlow's comments previously about introducing a Billing Profile and setting the flag on it, you would presumably be able to create profiles to mimic what you referred to as Subscription Groups (i.e. S1 to S10 assigned to BP1, S11-S20, assigned to BP2, and so on...) Then on the Billing Profile you would specify whether or not to group the subscriptions that are part of it vs invoice them separately.


This has the added benefit of allowing you to group some subscriptions, while invoicing others separately based on the Billing Profile parameter.

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has  your  query been sorted, where u able to group subscription in different invoices @vgopal1207 


thanks my issue has been fixed.