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Re: Zuora invoice : Allow Grouping on InvoiceItem.Quantity

Zuora invoice : Allow Grouping on InvoiceItem.Quantity

Issue : When grouping is applied to a Zuora invoice template, the total amount is summed correctly, but the quantity(InvoiceItem.Quantity) is not summed.
Only the first occurence of the quantity appears on the invoice.

E.g. For 3 usages(on the same product) having quantity of 10 each, the quantity displayed on invoice is 10.
The correct amount displayed should be '30'

Idea : We would like the ability to group by quantity(InvoiceItem.Quantity) so that the correct quantity is displayed on the Zuora invoice.

Please refer to the Zuora ticket below for further details:
Zuora Ticket Reference : #76321

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I would like to add support to the suggestion to add a InvoiceItem.quanity to the fields that aggreagate when using Group by in the invoice item table.  This is a very basic requirement for an invoice. When a customer receives an invoice they want an explanation of where that dollar amount is coming from which is the quantity. This is consistent across all invoices and industries. When I receive an invoice it shows what I am purchasing, how much I am purchasing and what the cost of that purchased amount is. I have been working with Zuora support to find an alternative method of getting to a summarized line item view for quanity and amount, but there so far has been no solutions. 

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This is indeed quite a limitation...  and using NestedTables there's no way to show *ON A SINGLE LINE* 2 sums coming from different nested tables!