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Take upcoming suspension into account for invoice generation and billing preview

Curerntly the Bill Run and Billing Preview are not taking into the account upcoming suspension. It would be nice if it did. 

E.g: the monthly subscription BCD =10.

The person already paid from 1/10 till 2/10. 

Suspension is scheduled to be effective on 2/15.

Resume is scheduled to be effective on 3/15.

If I'll create invoice or request a Billing Preview with the target date before the suspension begin date, the customer will be charged for the whole month and getting a credit memo in the next invoice. In that example this customers next payment will occur on 2/10. With that target date the customer will be charged from 2/10 till 3/9 when he will be suspended from 2/15-3/15. it's be nice to pass the target of 2/10 and have customer to be prorated (2/10-2/15) because these are the only dates his subscription will be active during that month.