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Re: Stand Alone Credit

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Stand Alone Credit

Hello All,


Is it possible to create an ad hoc credit memo with certain amount and not linked to any Invoice?


If I keep all charges blank under Credit memo, I get error "Product rate plan charge id list is blank.".




Zuora Staff

When you create the standalone credit memo, enter the information:


Customer Account: Name
Invoice: Standalone

Date: Date

reason code: select from the dropdown

Auto apply: check the box if you want to use this function

Comments: If you want to add notes


Charge name: You need to select from the drop down

Amount: Enter the amount


Here is the screenshot to show you the dropdown list for the reason code:


Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 5.26.55 AM.png


Here is the screenshot for the Charge line items:


Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 5.27.16 AM.png

This is the required information when you are creating standalone credit memos. We have Advanced AR Settlement training videos in Zuora Univeristy that would help you become familiar with the new feature. Please feel free to reach out to your Customer Advisor to help you get set up.


Thank you!

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@monique Thanks for the reply.



I am not able to see any value in charge name dropdown. Am I missing something?

Zuora Staff

Can you create a support ticket so you can provide me your tenant # so I can review your credit memo? 

Zuora Staff

Standalone credit memos need to have the rate plan charge created in the product catalog so the rate plan charge name will show up in the drop down list. 

I have attached 2 examples of the credit memo rate plan charge and how it will show up in the standalone credit memo.


Rate plan charge example for setting up standalone credit memo

rate plan charge credit memo example.png


Standalone credit memo from the dropdown list example

CM-Standalone Example.png


Please read the knowledge center article on setting up discounts and credits in your product catalog:



Knowledge center article for Advanced AR Settlement Credit Memo:



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Thanks @monique 🙂


But somehow I still do not see that charge coming to the dropdown. That charge is not related to the account in anyway. Correct?

Zuora Staff

You need to create the credits in the rate plan charge as a one time charge. The knowledge center link I provided in my previous response gives the instructions to create the credits in your product catalog. The screenshot I provided is an example of the one time charge in the product catalog and the screenshot of how the credit shows after you created it in the product catalog.