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Re: Remove "Proration" word on non-prorated invoice items

Remove "Proration" word on non-prorated invoice items

When setting both "Bill recurring charges for partial month (with monthly based billing periods)?" and Bill recurring charges for partial week (with weekly based billing periods)? to No, I would not except to have the "Proration" word on the invoice item for the recurring charge if normal circumstance would trigger a proration.


Today we get the invoice item amount NOT prorated (as expected) but still the word "Proration" is added to the invoice item line. 


Would it be possible to add a fix for this?




Zuora Engineering
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Hello Karina,


Would you mind provide one exmple for us to take a close look at it ?


Your tenant id and invoice number would be good enough for us to start.



Savvy Scholar


We are using invoice example:

INV00000123 and subscription NV-37767-NVS1

  • The subscription was created with the Contract Effective, Customer Acceptance and Service Activation dates for 01.03.19.
  • Product "Basic" was part of this base subscription.
  • The 22nd of March an Amendment type “New Product” as created. "Basic" was added with the dates of 22nd of March.
  • Later the same day a new Amendment was created “Remove Product” removing one of the "Basic" rate plans from the subscription again.

In the last amendment the initial "Basic" rate plan charge was removed leaving the subscription with the "Basic" rate plan charge with service dates starting the 22nd of March. This normally triggers proration as this now is a partial month and not complete month.


Billing Rule settings for recurring monthly and weekly are both set to NO. So expected result is that the invoice should not display a Proration text. 


In this case the solution would be to remove the "Basic"rate plan charge with the dates for 22nd of March and keep the initial one - then the proration is not "triggered". But the point is for our Business Unit to NOT have to know what charge to move as the proration setting is set to No. This scenario is just one example of where the proration is triggered. 


We have a multi entity setup - can I email you the id for the Tenant and the correct entity?



Zuora Engineering

Hi Karina,


Thanks for those details and yes please email me the id for Tenant and correct entity.

I'll be taking a close look in this week.