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Re: Payment Run Picks Up Oldest Due Invoice First - Status changed to: Coming Soon

Payment Run Picks Up Oldest Due Invoice First

The automated payment runs should attempt payment on the oldest due invoice first. For example we had a customer who still had an open invoice due on July 1st. When running our payment run on August 1st, the August 1st invoice was paid first and then attempted on the  July 1st invoice, for which the customer's card declined. For many reasons it makes logical sense to have the payment runs look for older due invoices first and attempt payment on that. 

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Status changed to: Coming Soon



We are currently enhancing the way Zuora handles payments. I have added this requirement to the backlog for that project. Thanks.




Can you clarify how does Zuora decide which invoice with outstanding balance under 1 billing account is processed first?


Based on bsecrist's experience above, the newest invoice is processed first.

This is inline with what I witnessed in out client's Production tenant.


However, when I tested in the client's apisandbox tenant, the oldest invoice was processed first.


Why is there is difference in behavior?





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Hi Mic,


I'm looking into this. I'll get back to you when I have a good explanation. Thanks.