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Re: Payment Method Expiration notification mute when there are no active subscriptions

Payment Method Expiration notification mute when there are no active subscriptions

Customer X has a "Payment Method Expiration | 30 Day Warning" notification enabled and they are using it but noticing that it is still sending emails for an account that only has canceled subscriptions and $0 balance invoice. This is annoying their end customers and they are asking if there is a way to stop it.

Customer X still keeps the account active because they are assuming that these accounts will create subscription again with them. Thus, they need to keep the account and payment method at very least.

Enhancement for this is being evaluated and being track in PAY-5084 (previously as BIL-2553).

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Why is the status "unlikely" this is a VERY basic function and a simple formula. If Today's MRR equals $0 or If All Subscriptions = Canceled, Do not Send Emails. This could me added as a check box on the communicatoin profile alert settings. This is super annoying and we now have to NOT use the emails because of this causing us to have increased failed credit cards. Not awesome and not acceptable from an "enterprise level" billing system.


I agree that this idea should be moved up as a priority.  It is a terrible customer experiece if they are no longer a customer and they recieve an email indicating their credit card is about to expire.


We have also found that customers still recieve this notification even when the Payment Method is Closed.


This notification event should only send to Active Customers with Open Payment Methods. The solution to move accounts into a different profile is unscalable/unmanagable.  I suppose a better solution is to remove all payment methods from Accounts when the customer is no longer active.


There have been 3 posts about this event and the concerns that it brings from other Zuora users in the idea forums.

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So, it's been 3 years since this was requested.  Can you please address this issue?  The workarounds being suggested by the support team are super painful and time consuming to implement.  This seems like a pretty straightforward issue and it is incredibly annoying.


Hello, this is a major concern of ours as well. We are a membership driven organization, but also have donors and program participants who may only make a transaction with us once a year or seasonally. We do not want to send out expiry emails to these customers, especially our donors. However, we cannot turn them off as there is a big crosspopulation of people who do have active subscriptions that we obviously want to receive them or people who we assume will have active subscriptions again in the future.


Is there any update on this?