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Re: Option to 'Do not generate invoices with 0 Invoice Total' - Status changed to: Under Consideration

Option to 'Do not generate invoices with 0 Invoice Total'

Currently, Zuora generates Invoice even if the total amount is 0. Some Zuora clients would like to have the possibility to not generate invoice when total amount 0.

In most of EU countries, if an invoice is generated (even if total amount is 0), it has to be send to the end customer specially for B2B customers and this is very confusing.

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We desperately need this! 


We should also be able to set an amount : for example between -10 and 10 € no invoice should be generated, but the quantity should be updated correctly within the subscription. 


Thank you! 




This sounds like something that would be good to have, but I'm so use to Zuora generating an invoice for every service period even if it results in $0, I'd be curious how it would work if there was an option to surpress $0 invoices.  Aren't revenue schedules generated for the various charges when invoices are generated?


It's required for continuity. If you don't generate invoices for 3 months because of $0 total amount. On the 4th month, when the customer has an invoice > $0, they will see the previous 3 month service periods, which can make the invoice confusing. You could likely adjust the invoices to accomodate this. 


I struggled with this at first and it was frustrating. We simply do not email invoices to customers with a $0 amount. I've also had a customer ask me for a previous $0 invoice which they needed for audit purposes. So in that case, having it was useful

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Status changed to: Under Consideration

We're considering an enhancement to not create billing documents if all items are 0. We will actually still need to create invoices with a mixture of positive and negative items, the sum of which is 0 because item-level accounting will require the ability to register those items. We're also considering adding a filter in the UI to remove 0 amount billing documents from the table.

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We should be able to choose an amount for which we want the amendment to be taken into account on the subscription, but no invoice is created: as mentioned previously, between -10 and +10 for example. We don't send these invoices to customers because we consider the time spent on managing it is not worth it on both sides (us and the customer). 


We've been working like this for years and no customer has asked us for a 0€ invoice, even for audit purposes.


Any update on the implementation of the enhancement to not create billing documents if all items are 0.? 


I had posted a similar question on the API side - Is there any option to avoid the zero dollar charges getting invoiced when an invoice is generated by the Billing Generate REST API ?