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Re: One-time discount with no end date

One-time discount with no end date

We would like to add a discount to the "next" invoice, regardless of when that invoice occurs. Our customers are also allowed to change plans. That means adding a discount effective on the next expected charge date may be impacted by changing plans. For example, if the customer changes from a monthly to an annual plan, the discount effective the next month may never be hit. The customer may receive multiple discounts. Updating all the discounts in a single amend request can exceed the amendment operations limit and complicates the process quite a bit.

If the discount balance is not consumed in a single invoice, we'd like it to continue onto later invoices.

We do not want to use a credit balance because we only want the discounts to apply to recurring charges.

A one-time discount with an effective date today and no end date seems like it would fit this model.

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I 100% agree with this need. 

How can this be implimented in Zuora?

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Hello @nerdenb1,


Creating one-time discounts is already possible, please review if e.g. the following discount configuration would be useful. You can add this to a subscription any time since, and configure it so it's applied on Subscription level, for ALL Rate Plans, and only enable it for Recurring charges. Discounts currently do not record a "balance".



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Viktor's recommendation works except if the fixed amount discount is more than the the total of the applicable charges in the next invoice then the unused portion of the discount is lost.  The unapplied remainder of the discount is not carried forward and applied to the subsequent invoice(s).