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Multiple Invoices created for single account are in draft and not auto-posted by Bill Run

When the Usage charges (imported from OpenAir to Zuora systematically) are processed systematically by Zuora for a single account, then the first invoice in Zuora is auto-posted BUT remaining invoices created for that account remain in draft. These draft invoices are then manually posted by our team. Need a systematic way for all the invoices to auto-post and avoid manual intervention of posting these invoices that cause delay in sending these invoices to the customer and thereby impacts collections.

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Is the auto-post option for bill runs enabled when you encounter this behavior? Are there any customizations in your tenant that might be affecting this behavior? We're investigating, but want to understand more completely the context in which you're having this issue. Thanks.



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hi Nick,


we have a castiron integration between OpenAir to Zuora to bill usages send from Opan Air to Ziora. This behavior specifically occurs for this integration.