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InvoiceItem:ChargeName is not in sync with Datasource when there is an amendment.

Here are the details of RFE. Please let me know when can we have the fix for this!

1. Summary of the enhancement?
InvoiceItem object containing the ChargeName will not append "--Proration" for amendments where as the same gets appended for each amendment for when we get it thru Data source. The same is not availble for Query. We need that to be present for query too.
2. What is the business problem?
We are not been able to identify the Difference between Amendment and Recurring day charges.
3. What is the business impact?
We are having Revenue Recognition based on the Charges like First time, Amendment and Recurring(On BDOM). We have high dependency on our revenue recognition tool Revstream. We need to fix this to have our books are getting closed with out variance.

4. What is the proposed solution (if available)?
Proposed solution is to update the InvoiceItem's ChargeName with "--Proration" for all teh amendments and also put a new field in InvoiceItem which indicates what type of charge has been made: First, Amendment and Recurring)

5. Name of the customer(s) affected:
Demandforce/Intuit Inc.
Intuit Inc

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Community Manager
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