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Invoice Number Sequence consumed only when the invoice is posted

Invoice Number Sequence consumed only when the invoice is posted

Assign the invoice number only when an invoice is posted to avoid Invoice Number Sequence Gap when creating or cancelling a draft invoice. The idea here is to apply the invoice number only when the invoice is posted, for the non-posted invoices we could have a temporary invoice number with another sequence. This should be core feature.



Ex: For the 11th Invoice draft created would have invoice number : TMP00000011 when posted invoice number applied would be INV00000006 as this invoice is the 6th invoice posted.

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Hi @Alexis , thanks for your reply.


I have double-checked in Sandbox and I have set up the number of official document to be generated upon posting:

Upon document posting.PNG

Based on this setting, I should have a temporary invoice number as long as the invoice is in draft status and then to receive the official invoice number when the invoice has been posted. I have created an invoice on a subscription created in 2018, so when this feature was not enabled yet, and the invoice number does not have a temporary number:

Draft invoice.PNG


Is there something that I doing wrong in tests?

For all the susbcriptions created after the features was activated, it works like a charm.


Thank you,

Zuora Product Team

Hey @Madalina, sorry for not getting back to you sooner. This feature was rolled out in a way that it works for invoices that are generated after the permission is enabled. It doesn't matter when the subscription is created but it does matter when the invoice was first created. So in your case since the invoice was in draft status prior to the feature being enabled, it was not affected by the setting change. Hope that cleared it up! 

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Hi @Alexis, thanks for getting back to me and clarify this. I have tested it based on the behavior explained by you and this is right, it works when the invoices are created for the first time, no matter when the subscription was created.

Thank you 🙂