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Re: Include Title for Key Contacts

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Include Title for Key Contacts

Would it be possible to add a title field to the key contacts edit field so you can see the name, title, email address, address, and Telephone number? Currently we are having to enter the title in the telephone field. 


You could add a custom field for "title" on the contact object. This can be done from Z-Billing Settings > Manage Custom Fields

Hi Feisley, I tried this however the custom field for the contacts still does not show up, I would still have to slect edit on each key contact to see their job title. Is there a way to have this display? 


There is no way to adjust which fields are shown in the condenced view on the right side of the account page. It would get quite expansive to display all the information there for each contact.


It might be worth a feature request to allow selecting which fields for a contact are shown in the view mode on the right.

Hi Feisley, I thought this was the feature request. Can you advise how I proceed with entering this as a feature request?

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Status changed to: More Feedback Needed
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Hi All,


This is the mechanism for entering feature requests. I have changed the status to "More Feedback Needed" to reflect that this is under consideration for inclusion in a future release. Thanks for submitting this idea.




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Status changed to: Under Consideration