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Re: Hosted Paymente Page 2.0 State field

Hosted Paymente Page 2.0 State field

The state field is only applicable to United States and Canada. If you choose another country, the State field does not make any sense and should thus not be visible in the payment form.

There should be an option for setting the state field optionally required, depending on the selected country (US or CA).

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Status changed to: Under Consideration
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I'd also like to promote this feature. We have had to disable the requirement for the State field to allow our international (non US / Canada) customers to use the hosted payment form. However, this means that we're having to fallback on our backend and our vendor's validations (Avalara, who validate the address information for tax purposes). This is not a great experience for our customers. Requiring the State / Region field only when the selected Country is either the United States or Canada would be great. Cheers, Zach

This is a feature we would like to see as well. We don't want to make users to feel stuck if they are at a step in the signup process they don't think applies. Having an option to make the field conditionally optional based on the Country would be ideal for us.