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HPM Page embedded integration improvements

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HPM Page embedded integration improvements

these suggestions are based on some issues in our integration - we have a checkout form with fields submitted to our servers as well as the Zuora HPM, and perform a single submit which first submits to Zuora then to our servers:

  1. allow triggering front end validation from the Z API (without submitting) - to validate both the Zuora and our form fields simultaneously
  2. add callback/event for "HPM loaded/initialized" - to support showing a loading animation and measuring latency
  3. handle form size when loading the IFrame in an invisible element: we preload the HPM on a previous funnel steup, so that when the user proceeds to checkout there will be no latency. the problem: reported IFrame size is unreliable (and behaves differently on FF and chrome), so we had to fix the IFrame size using CSS, however this causes another issue - the IFrame is taller than it should be, resulting in an ugly gap in our form. there are several possible solutions for this, for example - allow triggering HPM "repaint" without reloading the form (should recalculate IFrame height once visible)
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Hi @ykarni,


Thank you for the HPM improvement ideas, these are definitely some great suggestions.

Let me just check if for these 3 suggestions there are currently workarounds which address them, or if we're already looking to develop any of them.


Thanks once again for sharing your idea with us, we truly appreciate your input.

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Status changed to: Under Consideration