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Get the TCV calculated using the same billing rules as invoice

When preview an subscription, the amount of TCV might be a little bit different than the invoice amount.

Please see attached screenshot.





This is caused by TCV calculated in different way than generating invoice. This design brings the inconsistencies between what actually invoiced and the report as bookings.


So hope the TCV can be calculated using the same billing rules as generating invoices.

Community Manager
Status changed to: More Feedback Needed
Community Manager
Status changed to: Under Consideration

We also support making this change.  The current observed behavior is inconsistent with how Zuora processes proration for TCV on charges with a monthly or weekly billing period.  Quarterly, Semi-Annual and Annual charges should respect in TCV calculations the same proration setting which governs billing.  A $12k annual charge prorated on the latter half of the year will be invoiced at $6,032.79 but the TCV will show as $6,000.  So I guess in this case, TCV isn't quite the "Total" Contract Value.  TCV as a Bookings metric becomes problematic when there is a 1/2 percent variance from Billings on hundreds or thousands of transactions.  Please prioritize this with your product team and correct it.