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Re: Generate Invoice for specific (list of) subscriptions - Status changed to: Under Consideration

Generate Invoice for specific (list of) subscriptions

Merchant is selling subscriptions with varying terms and wants to allow the customer to put all their subscriptions into a single checkout basket, generate an invoice for the subscriptions in the (current) basket, and then collect payment for this payment.


The generate invoice invoice API requires the ability to pass a list of Subscription Id's so that the invoice can be created for only those subs, and not other subs that may already exist on the account.


This use case is relevant for both B2B and B2C merchants.


We have a similar use case where we have resellers that act as the invoive owner for dozens to potentially hundreds of subscriptions. We want to be able to perform a bill run and make an invoice for a single subscription, not for the all subscriptions under this customer account.

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Status changed to: Under Consideration

This is a good enhancement request. I'll consider it for an upcoming release. Thanks.


To expand on these use cases it would be helpful to be able to specify filters in a bill run (throughthe UI orAPI) that go beyond a BatchID, Charge type or specific customer/subscription IDs.   For example, using a custom field on the Subscription, RatePlan or RatePlanCharge objects as a filter in the bill run.



Use Case 1:  

Customer with multiple business units using the same Zuora instance with a common list of customers.  Each subscription on the customer account is from a different business unit.  Customer would like to do a bill run of all the BU1 subscriptions and not pick up any BU2 subscriptions.  They do not want to maintain separate customer accounts to support separation of the billing.


Use Case 2:

Based on an field on the RatePlan or RatePlanCharge level, the customer wants to bill all hosting fees separately from the maintenance & support charges. While these could be recorded on seperate subscriptions and set to bill seperately, there is no way to currently control this on the bill run using a filter.


Use Case 3:

Customer wants to bill quarterly recurring charges on a seperate bill run from monthly recurring charges.  These could be on different subscriptions or they might be different rate plans on the same subscription but they want to bill them separately.

These are just a few common example requests.


In our use case we are generating invoice separately for each subscription therefore an invoice is being generated once the subscription is being submitted. Unfortunately  it's not possibile to launch a bill cycle against a single subscription or a list of subscriptions but just against a billing account;