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Re: Enhanced Options for "Payment Method Expiration" Notification

Enhanced Options for "Payment Method Expiration" Notification

Similar to this idea, it would be helpful to have additional options for the "Payment Method Expiration" notification. For example:


  • Don't trigger on cancelled billing accounts
  • Don't trigger on closed payment methods
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Status changed to: Under Consideration
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Checking on the status of this request and adding on... the out of the box functionality also seems to send notification if there is ANY expired 'Active' card on file, instead of just looking at the 'Default' payment method and checking for expiry status of that CCard. Many customers have a number of cards on file that they used in the past, and (per our legal/compliance standards) we are not able to remove those previous payment methods. 

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We have the same question regarding the cards used in the past. Any update here?