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Re: Enable Upon a Specific Date on PRPC

Enable Upon a Specific Date on PRPC

We have a Business Unit that work with quite big orders. They do big software implementations out at customers and they start invoicing charges upon implementation delivery. So basically they create subscriptions and orders to get services provisioned but the charges will be triggered for billing on different dates.


For this use case they would like the ability to set Billing Trigger Condition to Upon Specific Date on the Product Rate Plan Charge with no date specified. So on Subscription creation they will populate the planned date. Today this condition is only available on Subscription Rate Plan Charge. 


In short: for the products where we do not know when we will start billing (and each charge in a product potentially can start billing on different dates) it would be beneficial to have "Upon a Specific Date" available as trigger condition in the Product Rate Plan Charge.


Thank you for considering!



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Savvy Scholar

If we could set Trigger Condition = Specific Date as a default trigger condition on the PRPC, it might also fix the issue with not being able to update this condition if a rate plan charge has multiple segments (due to Amendments)? Because if we create an UpdateProduct amendment (changing qty lets say) the new version of the charge will fetch trigger condition from the Product Catalog and not inherit from the initial charge. And we cannot set Specific Date on it again. Today you get:



Is there anyone on Zuora looking into this?

Thank you 🙂