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Re: Electronic invoicing - EHF/PEPPOL BIS

Electronic invoicing - EHF/PEPPOL BIS



I have a question regarding electronic invoicing.
EHF is the standard format for electronic invoicing for public sector of Norway and its required for us to send invoices electronically (EHF) to public vendors. Read more about EHF and PEPPOL BIS : https://vefa.difi.no

The documents have to be compliant with the PEPPOL BIS and we wonder if Zuora will have a solution for this format in the future?


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We're currently evaluating multiple ways to address this requirement. Depending on your timeframe there may be a couple of different avenues we can explore with you. Please feel free to send a private message to discuss in greater detail. Thanks.

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Hi nharlow,


Ok, what is your email?

One more question;

Since you do not currently support it I wonder what electronical invoice format you can deliver and is it possible to get a test file?


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Hi, Will there be any implementation of EHF this year? Thanks.

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I'm interested in the actual outcome of this (feature) request. Is there anyone who give me an update on this topic and possibilities with regard to EHF/UBL?

Kind regards

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This is very interesting feature.


As we operate in the North of Europe, we have to support this. We therefor had to develop an integration between Zuora and a service called Visma.net AutoInvoice. This service handles the process of sending the documents (invoices, credit- and debit memos) to customers either as e-invoice (XML), or email if customer is not registered in Peppol or via print if all fails.


So our integration converts the document data into an xml following Peppol standards. The XML and the pdf is then sent to Visma.net AutoInvoice which then takes care of distribution to the customers (also handling bounces or any error handling). Transaction statuses are then synced back to Zuora document so that we can track if the invoice was sent successfully or not.


Implementing this in Zuora would of course be very nice but then we would need fallbacks in case the customer is not set up for e-invoices. And if not, what happens in the email bounces etc. 


Karina 🙂