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Custom Field on Invoice Payment Object

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Custom Field on Invoice Payment Object

We are looking into implementing Invoice Settlement, however, we have encountered an issue. 


We have a custom flag on the Payment object that is populated when the transaction is integrated to the General Ledger (we do not use the Journal Sources functionality to generate journals).  This prevents from the transaction from getting picked up in future integration runs and works well now because you can only perform one action on a Payment.


However, with Invoice Settlement, multiple actions can be performed on a Payment.  Part of the Payment can be applied to an Invoice, while the remaining portion can be unapplied.  This transaction would then be marked as transferred in the custom field on the Payment object.  The next day or so, a user may go back to the Payment and applied the unapplied portion, which would require the transaction to be sent to the GL, however, because the Payment was sent earlier and the custom flag populated, it cannot be sent.  This is the issue.


The only solution we can see is to define a custom flag at the Invoice Payment level and populate this field whenever a transaction takes place against an entry.  However, there is no flag available and this is our request, to have a custom field available at the Invoice Payment object.