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Re: BillingPreview REST API response does not include RatePlan Name and other ids - Status changed to: New Idea

BillingPreview REST API response does not include RatePlan Name and other ids

In our Product Catalog, RatePlan is the actual service/product item that we offer to our clients. This RatePlan always has a RatePlanCharge and Zuora did a great job exposing properties of RatePlanCharge in the BillingPreview response. (compared to SOAP BillingPreview which only contained ids). However, occasionaly a RatePlan also has a discount RatePlanCharge. We do get that in the BillingPreview REST response as an independent RatePlanCharge but there is no way to relate that this RatePlanCharge (discount) applies to the RatePlanCharge in the same RatePlan. It could be a discount RatePlanCharge for any other RatePlan. We need RatePlan information in the BillingPreview Rest response payload including ids. Also the discount InvoiceItem response does not specify whether it applies to the RatePlan or the Subscription. This has a huge implication on our preview reports that rely on BillingPreview REST. 

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Thanks for the feedback, @ankurlalit! I'll move this post to the Billing & Payment Ideas area so that our product manager can see it, and so that other people can upvote or add their uses cases.

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Status changed to: New Idea

 Hi @ankurlalit,


I'd like to let you know that we will release an enhancement on billing preivew REST response in our November release.

There will be a new field called 'appliedToItemId' on InvoiceItem,  it's specifically for discount InvoiceItem, it refers to the charge InvoiceItem that this discount item applies to. 


Hope this help a bit on your case.


Let me know if any questions.





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 Thanks @DavidW and @huawei_li

The upcoming release will help massively in our use case. Now we will have a link between a discount and the rateplancharge/subscription that it applies to. However, I would still like to repeat my recommendation to expose RatePlanId, RatePlanName and the Product Id/SKU in the rest response as well. All the details of the charge should be present in the billing preview I believe, so that there is no reason to go back to Zuora and query that. Thanks anyway.