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Re: Billing Docs Preview: Cancelled Credit Memo is provided in Reponse instead of Invoice

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Billing Docs Preview: Cancelled Credit Memo is provided in Reponse instead of Invoice

Hi all,

I would like to submit a feature request/bug fixing. Please find the details on the case below:


That is the case when a customer is tax exempt and makes a purchase.

After a time the customer tax exempt status changes and they now have to pay taxes. 

The customer updates the product (quantity decrease):

  • the amount of prorated taxes that should be paid by the customer is bigger than the amount of the decrease order (e.g. update product amount is -50$ and the prorated tax amount is +120$)
  • the Preview of Billing docs returns only Credit memo details (-70$): which is complete misinformation
  • behind the scenes:
    • Zuora auto-cancels Credit Memo (-70$)
    • Generates Invoice (+70$)
  • customer is NOT charged at that moment, although "collectPayment" is set to "True"
  • customer IS charged the Invoice amount (70$) during the next Bill run


  1. Customer is informed about the refund amount they are to get: based on Billing Docs response
  2. Instead customer is charged the amount of money they were NOT informed about 


It is really needed that the Preview response for Billing Docs reflects the actual/trustworthy result of the operation and as a result "collectPayment" could behave as expected

Zuora Engineering
Status changed to: Under Consideration


Thanks for submitting the issue.


One of the solution idea is as below:

  • Preview of Billing doc API returns an invoice in Posted status (+70$)
  • During bill run, it generates an Invoice (+70$), and a Canceled credit memo (-70$)

Do you think it could solve your problem? and what concerns do you have with the solution idea?




Hi Kewen,

Thank you for your response!


In regards to the Preview of Billing doc API, it would quite great to view Invoice in status Posted instead of Credit Memo. 

In regards to the Bill run, we use API request to Create Order, run Bill run and charge money for the generated Invoice. Thus, it would be great if Auto-pay is also functional in this case.