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Re: Billing Batch assigned to subscription not Account

Billing Batch assigned to subscription not Account

our Billing really depends on the type of products purchased (or complexity of the deal).   Currently Billing Batches are assigned per Account.  But we'd like to assign Billing Batches per subscriptions


Example: Support subscription - is paid annual up front - so that can go out as soon as order is processed no issues.  But a second order for professional services - is split into multiple payments, that are dependent on customer acceptance or milestone.  Upon processing the order - we know what the payments are split (30/20/20/20/10%) and we may have target projected dates in the SOW that each of those may be invoiced on.  BUt we can't invoice those split payments until the cusotmer actually accepts each milestone.


So A.  Splitting the inovice into these payments %, and giving them dates - once you post the invoice - it posts for all 5 payments.  We need to have the ability to put this subscription in a seperate "customer acceptance" billing batch - that will have to be hand held/coordinate with project management to confirm that we have the acceptance and cand send the next invoice out, or if not,need to edit the invoice date and push the date out. 


** this also spurrs another idea - for split invoicing, to be able to post the invoices individually. 


We are unable to us batch billing becasue it is account based - having the ability to assign subscriptions to specific batches would allow us to use the functionality and make our billing process much easier

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This would be extremely helpful for Usage only Subscriptions - right now we keep these charges on a separate Subscription and would prefer to run separate bill/payment runs for them as well. 

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Hi @kcavanaugh just to confirm, you can already create separate Bill Runs based on charge type, so limiting it to Usage. So it is indeed possible to create a BR that only picks up your usage-only Subscriptions, although not based on the Subscription but the charge type.

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Status changed to: Under Consideration

We have a project in our backlog called "Multiple Billing Profiles". This would enable a single account to have different sets of billing preferences, "profiles", linked at the subscription level. The billing batch would potentially be a profile attribute that would be linked at the subscription level.


We do not have a target delivery date yet for this project.