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Billing - Ability to allow Subscription level billing

We should have an ability to allow automatic billing at Subscription level. In the Subscription world a given account/customer can subscriber to 3 different offerings and at different times. To be able to make use of Discounting (multi offer discounting) and other advanced marketing tools it is important that we can show a consolidated view. Arguably it can be managed using Parent accounts but very quickly we see that the parent/child relationship is actually used for different purpose i.e. Company >> Department >> Employee >> Multiple holdings. 


Having to extend parent child relation increases the implementation time and other needs more checks and balances to be put in place. 


Idea is to allow bill run batches/identification and Subscriptions and be able to select those in Scheduled bill runs so that we can automate the bill runs and limit the subscriptions that will be billed as part of that schedule. Of course this would only work if Subscriptions are invoiced separately (but if those are to be invoiced together then the customer also understands using account level billing)