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Bank transfert : updating the last 4 digits in payment method from Slimpay

Hi all,

We have a problem with updating the last 4 digits on payment method when there is a change of IBAN in the payment gateway SLIMPAY.

Regularly we update IBANs in Slimpay (basically merger of banks) and we do not have the updated information in the last 4 digits in Zuora, it's a problem when we discuss with a customer about these bank details because our customer care have no access to Slimpay.

Example : on an account, the default payment method is Bank Transfer FR*********************4664 with mandate id 97035. We update on Slimpay this mandate id with a new IBAN which ends with ****4617. 
In Zuora, no update, the default payment method does not end with **4617 but with **4664.


Thanks for your help.


Nicolas Martelliere