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Re: Avalara Tax Connector > Can I filter off zero $ line items on my invoice

Avalara Tax Connector > Can I filter off zero $ line items on my invoice

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If We have Nexus in that state even when that line item has zero $ value;the Tax Calculatoins are the same

Avalara calculates any applicable tax (state,county,city,special tax) against the zero dollar line item and charges me for those transactions if they are the greater of the line item count,tax call count or invoice count

To reduce the operational cost on zero dollar revenue : Can I filter for Zero on line item prior to using the Avalara Connector ?

I'd love a Z setting that states: if the line item or even the total value of invoice = 0 do not import line item into Avalara Connector 



Well put! I was just trying to put into words the same question.


In our case most of our customers are billed for their main subscription annually on the anniversary, but their usage is billed out monthly. For a vast majority of them (90%) they are under their quotas and the overage invoice is $0. However, since it still gets posted as an invoice and tax is still calculated on it, it counts as a billable transaction in Avalara. I don't need Avalara to tell me what the Tax on $0 is ;-). If the invoice is $0 it would be nice not to send these out to be processed.


As an aside, it might even be nice to be able to avoid issuing an invoice altogether. If the usage charges are $0, do we really need an invoice stating so? 

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Hi all,


This is currently under review by the PM Team. Hopefully, we will be able to provide an update on this shortly.



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Status changed to: Coming Soon



We are tracking this requirement and plan to schedule this in an upcoming release. The plan is to add a configuration option such that when enabled, if the invoice item amount is $0, Zuora will not send the item to Avalara for tax calculation. Thanks for the suggestion!


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@Kyle @nharlow awesome news, thanks for the update.


Any updates on the development? This woul help a lot.  I agree with the orignal poster, I'm getting hit with overages with $0 invoices.



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Is there any update on this? Do we have the configuration in place or under development?




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@nharlow, @Kyle - Could you please update the status for this?

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Hello @abhishek_grover This is still in our backlog and we are unable to confirm an ETA as to when it can be implemented into the solution.

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Thank you Zuora PROD TEAM !!! RE:

Zuora Release 237 What’s New, January 2019 - Zuora

A new billing rule called "Do not send $0 items to external tax engine for tax calculation" has been added to Billing Settings > Define Billing Rules. You can use this billing rule to control whether to send invoice items with zero amount to external tax engines for tax calculation. By default, this billing rule is set to No.



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Status changed to: Implemented

The ability to select whether to send invoice items with zero amount to external tax engines for tax calculation is available in Zuora. This billing rule is only available if you have the External Tax Engine feature on and if you use integration with third-party tax engines for tax calculation. External Tax Engine is in Limited Availability so if you wish to have access to this feature contact Zuora Global Support.