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Automating ACH Payment Reversals - Vantiv

When an ACH payment is reversed, Vantiv does not tell Zuora. Similarly, if we need to offer a refund on an ACH payment method, we need to do it within the Vantiv gateway and then true-up Zuora.
We also need to build out flows to update their bank account routing numbers and handle closed accounts etc.
This is a break in the flow that requires manual intervention and also leave us open to customers appearing to have a $0 balance when in fact their payments have not been processing. 
Our team has automated the first part of this process by consuming the NOC report from Vantiv to indicate failed payments, then using the Zuora api, we issue a refund and inform our customer that their payment failed. Zuora should be doing this in order to keep our CC and ACH processing the same so that we can handle failed payments, alerts etc. within the same platform to keep a clean user experience whether they are using CC or ACH.