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Re: Associate Multiple Payment Methods at the Subscription Level

Associate Multiple Payment Methods at the Subscription Level

Feature Request: Associate Multiple Payment Methods at the Subscription Level

Reference Number: DE5571

Business Need: Currently one customer account can have one default payment method only. Some customers would like to have different products paid by different payment methods, meaning to associate one subscription with one payment method.

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Status changed to: Unlikely
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We are in the same boat , we would like the functionality where we can use different payment method for different subscriptions within the same customer account

Zuora Product Team
Zuora Product Team

We are planning to introduce the capability of having a single subscriber with multiple billing profiles that can bill different subscriptions differently.  This includes having different payment methods, payment terms, currency, BCD, contact, etc for each subscription.  However,  you wouldn't be able to put multiple subscriptions with different billing profile in the same invoice.

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 Hi @Lei - Do you have a rough timeline for this upcoming "billing profile" functionality? Is there any documentation yet? Thank you in advance!

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I'd also like to know if this ever got any traction. We have a large number of customers who have a need for spreading annual payments across multiple credit cards. Currently there's no way to do this in Zuora, as there's only an option for one default payment method.

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This requirement has resurfaced as priority for our billing roadmap, curious to know if this is capability is still being worked on?


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Do we have an update on this? 



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This is also still a huge requirement for our business that causes a lot of friction. We sell a pretty expensive product and it's often shared by multiple people but who work mostly independently and with their own income streams. Having someone cover thousands of dollars of product for their colleagues and having them pay each other back internally is a huge road block and we've lost sales by telling customers this is their only option.


Please reconsider opening this back up!

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Hi, any news on this?
What happened with the Billing Profiles capabilities that was being worked on back in 2016?