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Re: Ability to restrict generation of an invoice PDF after initial version is created - Status changed to: Under Consideration

Ability to restrict generation of an invoice PDF after initial version is created

In Australia/NZ we need the ability to turn off the automatic generation of updated invoice PDF's after the processing of Payments, Refunds, Amendments etc. The first PDF needs to be generated and maintained as the original record for audit and Customer enquiry purposes. 


At the moment there is a Tenant setting that can be set to not generate PDF's at all, however this is not sufficient as we need to generate the first and no more

Zuora Product Team

This is very important for Europe too.

We need to consider the integration with SFDC too where we need to sync only the pdf that has been sent to the customer.

Zuora Staff

I support this. In Germany it is not allowed to have more versions of an invoice.



Zuora Staff

I vote for this too, very important for EMEA

Zuora Alumni

This is a fundamental accounting concept that we really need to address -when an invoice has been posted -nothing material can change -including amounts, BillTo adress.

Of course, keeping the flexibility for USA clients is find -but seems critical for EMEA and APAC.

Zuora Staff

This is also important to US customers with subsidiaries in EMEA and APAC too, regardless of whether that is handled with a single Zuora tenant or uses multi-entity. What I have done for other customers is not include the transaction table on the invoice template used for customers in these regions but the PDF is regenerated when transactions are processed but should leave the invoice looking the same. The problem is that if a change is made to the contacts between the invoice being generated and transactions being process the regenerated PDF includes the updated contact information which it shouldn't.  

Savvy Scholar

Agreed. Very important for Europe that invoiced do not change.


We also have the issue that the PO number can only by entered at an account level, so we have to add it, generate the invoice, and then delete it. This means that if the invoice is regenerated, the PO number will be missing.


For those who need it, there is an option to regenerate the PDF from the invoice menu. And maybe there could be a bill run setting to regenerate invoice PDFs, or not.

Valued Scholar

Agreed that this would be a usefull setting.


@jonnyfinchWe resolved the PO issue by adding a custom field at the Subscription level which we include on our invoice templates. That way you can have multiple PO's for the same customer account depending on the service.

Zuora Alumni
Status changed to: Under Consideration

I have added this to the backlog for possible inclusion in a future release. Thanks.