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Re: Ability to automatically transfer negative invoice balance to credit balance - Status changed to: More Feedback Needed

Ability to automatically transfer negative invoice balance to credit balance

Customer utilize a negative usage charge in Zuora to refund holiday stops (break in service) to customers. Now they have to manually convert the negative balance of these invoices every day.  That's really time consuming.

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Status changed to: More Feedback Needed
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Status changed to: Under Consideration
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That would be very helpful.  


We are struggling with this at volume as well and it would be very helpful if credit invoices were transferred to the credit balance, which would then allow the credit to be used to pay another invoice before the customer is charged.


We have scenarios where an invoice is produced, but not paid (card declined etc).  The customer may then decide to cancel,  which may be back dated on the susbcription start (as the customer got no service).    When the final invoice is produced this will have a credit equal to the original invoice (clearly the customer doesn't owe anything).  


Whilst there are business processes to try and manage this, it is a bit time consuming for a customer service agent to do all these steps, including canceling the service, running a bill run, transferring the amount to the credit balance and then applying the credit balance to the invoice (oh and don't forget to move the open-ended revenue to earned but net 0).  These steps are time consuming, and very likely to go wrong or be missed.    If that happens the customer ends up being charged (incorrectly), giving the customer a bad experience as well as costing a lot to implement the process around this.


There doesn't seem to be a good reason not to do this, similar to what a payment run has a check box to use the Credit Balance.


It is possible to automate this through APIs (as a work around), which we have done, however these still fail on occasion or there is a bulk process that doesn't or can't call the API etc.  




Hi, many of the customers I support would really appreciate this functionality. If you need further explanation please ask me.


I would like to upvote this I thought it was already a setting in bill runs to automatically transfer negative invoices to credit balances? I am surprised it is not but i can't find the setting...