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Ability for Due Dates to be triggered off of product invoiced

Ability for Due Dates to be triggered off of product invoiced

It is my current understanding that the due date of an invoice is driven by the terms setup in the customer, which makes complete sense.  However, we require that all one time training fees be paid immediately rather than the 30 day terms that our customers get for recurring charges.  In order to get our invoices for one time fees to list due upon receipt we have to go into each customer change their terms to due upon receipt and then flip their terms back after to net 30.  Tedious and time consuming.  It would be fantastic if the system could recognize something in the product being billed to know what terms to give it or some other type of method to make this billing on one time fees go quicker.

Valued Scholar

wondering if this will ever be a possibility or has it even been considered on a future roadmap?


Savvy Scholar



I agree, this is a good idea. 


We have products that should have an immediate due date, and others 30 days. 


Ideally, we should also be able to change the due date on an invoice, or have add a payment schedule to it, with for example 3 different due dates in the future.